Pilates Reformer, Yoga and Meditation studio run by Julia Oravisto.


Reformer Pilates


Intro / Beginners

Come to this class at least once if you've never been on a Reformer before. No previous Pilates experience needed!



A good basic workout, great for beginners! 


Next Level

You've been seeing the Reformer for a while now and ready for a challenge... It's time to take the relationship to the next level. 


Advanced Technique

Come and challenge yourself!


Lunch Hour

You work hard, we know that! Come and get your mind and body organised for the rest of the day. All levels welcome.


After Work

Turn the volume up and get ready for the weekend in this funky Reformer class. There is an amazing selection of bars nearby to go after for a well deserved post workout drink!


Reformer Flow

Exercises transition smoothly from one to the next with an emphasis on the breath and how it effects the movement 'breath is a tool, not a rule´.


Mat Pilates


Mat Flow

Pilates done on the mat. Just your mind and body in space with gravity (and sometimes some props). All levels.


Back to Basics (FIN)

Focusing on the correct technique and alignment, anyone from beginner to advanced level will deepen their body awareness and understand the fundamentals of Pilates in this 60 minute mat class. Great class also for those who love the Reformer! 



Raise the Bar(re)

A fun and functional workout performed at a ballet barre. Combining elements of Pilates, ballet and yoga, this energising class will tone and stretch your entire body. 

Accompanied by good tunes and the sweet presence of Nicole, these classes are loads of fun and offer a great fusion of cardio and strength - challenging yet accessible for all fitness levels and ages!



Slow Flow + Restorative - Beginner Friendly

The class will begin with a creative flow sequence to explore the connection of your breath and movement in a slow and deliberate pace. Continuing half way through the class into deeply satisfying and restorative poses using props to allow your body to fall into deep relaxation. Come to create more space in the body and clarity in the mind. Suitable for all levels.  


Vinyasa + Restorative

The first part of the class is built upon a strong and fluid flow sequence, lead by the Breath. Explore the strength, balance and mobility of your body, and create stillness in the mind. Half way through we land into deeply satisfying restorative poses using props, allowing the body to relax. Come to create more space in your body and clarity in the mind. Suitable for all levels.


Morning flow 

Morning Flow is a slow but dynamic practice. By bringing in elements of meditation and breathwork to complement asana, classes are often built around a theme and soundtracked to ferry you from slumber to a happy morning.





3 x Introductory Offer

60€ | 20€ a class | exp. 30 days


drop In

28€ a class


5 x PASS (NEW)

130€ | 26€ a class | exp. 90 days


10 x PASs

240€ | 24€ a class | exp. 90 days





3 x Introductory Offer

40€ | 13,3€ a class | exp. 30 days


drop In

18€ a class


5 x PASS (NEW)

80€ | 16€ a class | exp. 90 days


10 x PASs

145€ | 14,5€ a class | exp. 90 days


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