Pilates Reformer, Yoga and Meditation studio run by Julia Oravisto.


Reformer Pilates



Designed to focus on your alignment and posture, the challenge here comes from working more precisely and in a slightly slower pace. 

Get to know your body and the Reformer better and understand the fundamentals of the Pilates method. 

We suggest this class to be done at least a few times if you are a beginner.

Beginner Level - Suitable for everyone from complete beginner to advanced wanting to fine-tune their form.


Tone & flow

An energetic whole body workout to tone and lengthen with minimal rest between movements. Flow from one exercise to another, often using small props to discover muscles you might not have known existed! 

Tone & Flow builds on the foundations developed in the Align classes, so feel free to consult your instructor when you feel ready to join in!

Intermediate Level - Prerequisite: No major injuries or pregnancy.

Advanced Technique

Explore your limits with more complex and creative movements while challenging your strength, control, balance and coordination. We recommend a strong background and understanding of Pilates on the Reformer and an open mind. Be ready to shake and burn! 

Advanced Level - Prerequisite: No injuries or pregnancy and a good understanding of the Pilates method on the Reformer. Please consult your instructor before booking your first visit!

Rise and Shine

Become the best version of yourself for the rest of the day by attending this early morning workout. This class is designed to prepare you physically and mentally for the day ahead. All levels welcome.

Intermediate Level - Prerequisite: At least 3 sessions experience recommended.


Reformer hiit

A fun and fast paced class combining Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training, often using the jump board to lift your heart rate, increase your metabolism and transform your body. Come and feel the burn and sweat!

Intermediate/Advanced Level - Prerequisite: At least 5 sessions experience recommended. No injuries or pregnancy.

Bounce & Burn

Who doesn’t love the Jumpboard?! 

Stay energised and on the move in this up-beat, heart-pumping Reformer class utilising the jump board creatively from start to finish. Form, alignment and proper posture are emphasised while targeting and lengthening muscles you might have never used before!

Intermediate Level - Prerequisite: At least 5 sessions experience recommended. No injuries or pregnancy.


Mat Pilates


Align & Connect (FIN/ENG)

A whole body workout done on the mat, where the challenge comes from within by focusing on correct alignment and by connecting to our breath to facilitate movement. 

Open Level - Prerequisite: Some Pilates experience recommended but not necessary.


flow (FIN/ENG)

Time flies (and afterwards you do too) in this intermediate to advanced level Pilates mat class, where movements and exercises are connected together through fun transitions and the breath and of course a great soundtrack. Great for those wanting a stronger practice with a good understanding of the basics of Pilates.

Open Level - Prerequisite: Some experience in Pilates recommended. No injuries or pregnant.



sculpt & tone

Come and feel the burn, baby! A fun and functional workout performed at a ballet barre. Combining elements of Pilates, ballet and yoga, this energising class will tone and stretch your entire body! 

Open level - No previous experience required.



Accompanied by upbeat tunes, these classes are loads of fun and offer a great fusion of cardio and strength - designed to lift your heart rate, transform your body and increase your metabolism - challenging yet accessible for all fitness levels and ages!

Open level - No previous experience required.

ballet body

Fine-tune your Barre practice and give your bum the ultimate kick in this music driven, rhythmic class. If you especially love the ballet part of Barre, you will love this workout, as we focus even more on the correct positions and alignment for the Ballet Body you always wanted!

Open level - No previous experience required.

after work

Turn the volume up and get ready for the weekend in this uplifted and fun Barre class that will make your muscles burn to get the ballerina body you’ve always wanted!

There is an amazing selection of bars nearby to go after for a well deserved post workout drink ;)

Open level - No previous experience required.



Vinyasa flow

The class is built upon a strong and fluid flow sequence, lead by the Breath. Explore the strength, balance and mobility of your body and create stillness in the mind.

Level I - Suitable for beginners

Level II- Intermediate

Level III - Advanced


Yin & Yang

Yielding, undwinding and giving yourself permission to be held in space. This is a yin class with some soft yang flow woven in; deep yin poses meet slow yang asana, complemented by a long savasana and a sweet soundtrack. 

Open Level - Suitable for everyone. Beginner friendly.


mindful Restorative 

Total nourishment for your body and mind, this meditative class is made up of deeply satisfying restorative poses using props to allow your body to fall into deep relaxation and pranayama breathing techniques to anchor into the moment to bind a deeper connection to yourself. All you need after, is a cup of chamomile tea and you're ready for a restful night.

Open Level - Suitable for everyone. Beginner friendly.


Morning flow 

This is a 60 minute gentle but dynamic morning practice soundtracked to ferry you from slumber to a happy morning. 

For those who are not in a hurry - why not stay for a guided 15 minute savasana/meditation after?

Open Level - Suitable for all levels.

Pure Yin

This class takes you deep into the body, past the muscles and into the territory of fascia, joints and ligaments. Poses are held for several minutes, making for a mellow, deeply relaxing and unwinding practice. Pranayama, meditation and flavours of embodied yin intermingle to make this the perfect selfcare routine.

Open Level - Suitable for all levels.




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5 x PASS

26€ a class | 130€ | exp. in 90 days



24€ a class | 240€ | exp. in 90 days

20 x PASS

23€ a class | 460€ | exp. in 120 days



drop In

18€ a class


5 x PASS

16€ a class | 80€ | exp. in 90 days



14,5€ a class | 145€ | exp. in 90 days

20 x Pass

13,5€ a class | 270€ | exp. in 120 days

Class passes are bound to the individual and cannot be shared or transferred.