Pilates Reformer, Yoga and Meditation studio run by Julia Oravisto.

May 2019



Vinyasa flow practice with a hint of Katonah Yoga

Bring new depth to your yoga practice through strong flow series, challenging asanas and pranayama exercises that delve deep beneath the surface. The master class series addresses the entire body by building a strong foundation and self-confidence, then moving on to discover creativity, productivity and courage.

The modern yoga mindset seems to be extremely oriented towards achievement. The goal often seems to be to achieve more mobility and ever-more impressive asanas. This series will help you accept your yoga practice just as it is in the now. The classes may also reveal the things your body is capable of without you even knowing.

Class Structure

Opening (relaxation, pranayama/meditation)

Dynamic flow sequence

1-3 more challenging asanas

Final relaxation

75€ for whole series

30€ for individual class

Recommended for those already familiar with yoga. No need to be a master, but you should know your basic asanas and the alignments.



18th of May, 13:00-15:30

This master class concentrates on stability, the lower body, legs and pelvis. By building a foundation we seek answers to the questions of who and what am I. The class consists of asanas focused on the legs and pelvic area, looking to increase balance.


25th of May, 13:00-15:30

Focusing on the upper body; spine, core, chest and upper back we will seek out our inner fire, creativity and our own way of movement. The class consists of asanas focused on enhancing the well-being of your spine and strengthening the core. Backbends are carried out with great awareness and control, all the way from Cobras to bigger chest opening asanas.


8th of June, 13:00-15:30

This master class concentrates on the body as a whole. The class takes a brave dive into an upside down world, opening your eyes to a new way of seeing and experiencing things. Courage and bravery are the core theme of this class. Consisting of inversions and arm balancing, the asanas will be constructed with care and control, from headstand and Bakasana to more challenging inversions.  


Pilates for Runners

with Alessandra Vairo

Why do Pilates?

Whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner and whatever the reason is for you to run, there is always room to improve your performance and to keep your muscles in good length and strength.

Pilates training has been widely used to enhance stabilization by strengthening the deep muscles, to improve mobility and flexibility and thereby your running gait.

In this course we will prepare ourselves for the running season by practicing specific Pilates exercises on the reformer to stabilize the trunk and pelvis as well as to protect the spine and joints of the lower body. You will get tips and movements to do at home before and after running and each class will end in a run together by the seaside of Helsinki city!

Open for anyone.

No medical issues eg. injuries, pregnancy etc.


19.5. | 26.5. | 2.6.

13:00 - 14:00



June 2019

Prenatal Reformer Pilates

3 Weeks | FRIDAYS at 10:00

Starting 7.6.2019

Let us help you to focus on the joys of becoming a mother while reducing the discomforts of pregnancy. Doing the right kind of exercise during pregnancy can significantly improve the way you feel, be very beneficial for delivery, and help you get in shape faster after your baby is born.

Pilates is ideal for alleviating back pain as your body goes through big changes as well as building both the strength and stamina, which a mother will need in labour and delivery.

This three week course is gentle for all stages of pregnancy. We will be utilising the Reformer and the mat to provide you with exercises you can also do at home.

The course is instructed in Finnish.

7.6. | 14.6. | 28.6.

78€ (3 week course)




Deepen the knowledge of your body and learn to teach the method on the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Arc and the Mat to become a certified BASI teacher.

BASI Pilates has been devoted to Arts, Sciences and above all the teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates since 1989.

Founded by the well known Rael Isacowitz, also known as the teacher of teachers, BASI is committed to training highly skilled teachers who are able to continue and share the legacy of Pilates. If you are willing to travel the often rigorous, demanding and ultimately rewarding path – in other words, to go the distance – BASI® will provide the knowledge.

Now we here at BAY have the honour to host the Comprehensive Teacher Training CTTC and Mat Teacher Training (MTTC) to you starting in autumn 2019.

For further details, fill in your details below and we will email you more information.

Comprehensive Teacher Training Course (CTTC)

Module 1-3 Aug. 30th - Sep. 1st 2019

Module 4-6 Oct. 18t - 20th 2019

Module 7-9 Dec. 13t - 15th 2019

Module 10-12 Jan. 31st - Feb. 2nd 2020


Mat Teacher Training Course (MTTC)

Module 1-3 Aug. 30th - Sep. 1st 2019

Module 4-6 Oct. 18th - 20th 2019



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