As a small and local, investor-free studio we value you, our instructor, very dearly and want nothing more than to be able to provide you the best place to work and share your expertise.


Instructor should arrive to the studio at least 15 minutes before the published start time of a class to welcome the clients. During that time the instructor should prepare the space for the clients and complete the following administrative responsibilities associated with conducting a class:

Turn on all of the lights, unlock the door and ensure that the room is appropriately prepared to teach a class.

Set the sign out and leave the downstairs door open if the weather is over 10 degrees Celcius.

Set up the music (note. music guide)

Ensure that each student has been accounted for on the Class Sign In Screen of the Mindbody Express app on the Studio’s iPad that is located at the Reception Desk. (not finished)

Make sure that each student has a valid payment for the class.

cannot unfortunately afford to have a full day receptionist working at the studio.

  • Instructor will cultivate teacher-student relationships with students during this time, and guide students to appropriate class and membership options at Bay.



Instructor should immediately notify Bay of any conditions at the facility, supplies, or lack of personnel that hinder or prevent the satisfactory conduct of classes.

Instructor is supposed to always start and end each class as scheduled.

The premises shall be left in a clean, orderly, safe, and secure condition. Lights off, doors locked, unless the premises are immediately under the responsibility of another instructor or representative of Bay.

1. When you enter the building, make sure to put the sign standing outside and leave the door open if the weather is over approx. 20C.

You can unlock the studio door with your key and make sure to keep this door open always when you are han. ???????

2. All students should sign up for class online ahead of time. If a current student is not on the roster, you may add them to your roster if they have visited the studio before. If the student has never taken class at Yoga Garden SF, they are required to complete a new student enrollment form on the iPad, then need to be added to the class roster.

4. All students must be signed in for class.

6. Register all students as they arrive. Ensure that all students are registered before you start your class.

7. Many students buy their passes online; please encourage all students to do so to save time. If they need a pass, sell them one, and suggest the pass that best meets their needs.

8. Include any products students may want to add to their purchase. 

note. intro passes are only for new clients

and all the passes have expiration dates


Start your class on time and end your class on time. You are responsible for teaching your students how to leave the space better than they found it, how to show up on time, how to take instruction, how to take responsibility for themselves and their experience here, and how to be helpful to others.



leave the space as you found it!

for other teachers

10. After your class, make sure everyone has signed in, that everyone’s questions are answered. Studio doors must be left closed and locked. The space should be orderly and ready for the next class. Ask your students to help—they will like to do it and it builds community.

Leave us a note if you have had any problems or if anything needs attention. Alternatively, send us an email. If the space is not assumed by another teacher, turn out the lights, make sure the bathroom is empty. Lock the door.

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