🎊 New class: Vinyasa Flow with Ariel on Mondays at 9:30 🎊

COVID-19 Updates

Studio Protection Plan

Mask On, Mask Off

In the common areas of the studio, until the class begins and again right after the class finishes, we recommend everyone to wear a face mask.

Increased Class Transitions

To limit close contact between people, all classes will have a 15-30 minute transition break in-between.

Small class sizes

Class capacities are restricted to a maximum of 8-12 attendees per class to ensure proper safety distances during all classes.


To avoid any unnecessary crowding, we ask you to arrive promptly to the class, dressed and ready to get moving.

Contactless Check-In

All attendees are offered contactless check-in by a staff member at the front desk. While waiting for your class to start, please stay away from the practice space until the previous attendees have finished their practice.

Safety Distance

Keep a safety distance at the studio whenever possible and give the attendees from the previous class enough space to clean their equipment as well as to leave before entering the practice space.

Extra Sanitation

Disinfectant is available throughout the studio and included in all cleaning sprays used after each class to clean the equipment. Please be sure to spray and wipe everything that you have touched including the small equipment and the springs of the reformers.

Last updated on the 30th of January, 2022