13.5. SUNDAY 10.00-11.30

How to treat your Mom 101.

Picture a sunny Sunday morning, the sparkling waterfront of Kanavaranta, and maybe yummy brunch after a Yoga class at BAY led by our lovely Sonja. Treat your Mom this Mother’s Day with a
90 minute Slow Flow + Restorative Yoga class, suitable for all levels from beginners to experienced. 

The best part? Mother’s can join free of charge!

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17.5. THURSDAY 19.00-21.00

Come experience one of the most undervalued and most powerful yoga practices we know today, Yin!

We warmly welcome Jeff Lester to guide us through this 2 hour Yin workshop at BAY Helsinki! We are super excited to be hosting this event and hope you will be joining us through this journey.

Many of us today are very active and we are used to practicing more physically intense yoga classes. This however is NOT helping us create balance in our mind and body. 

More than ever before people are locked in a stress response to life. This builds tension and toxins in our body and Yin yoga is among the most efficient ways to release stress and trauma from our cells. 

It has become apparent how universally impactful this practices is. Every class is a new experience on many different levels.

In this Yin Workshop with Jeff you will..
- Discover "progressive yin" and hone the edge of your awareness and focus.
- Learn about the Philosophy behind Yin Yoga
- Learn about target areas of the lower body.
- Enjoy a 90min Yin practice.
- Meditation over the Chakra system. 
- Heal physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Investment: 30€ / 25€ for BAY Members

Limited spots!