Our studio uses a Facebook Group to request and confirm substitutions.




  4. 1. Option A. Email your request to Include date, start and end times, and class style in your request.


Option B. Log in to Facebook and send a message in the group bayhelsinkicrew requesting a substitute. Include the same information detailed above.

  1. 3. When you have a substitute, email the date, time and style of the class being subbed to and CC your substitute instructor.


  3. 4. The substitution is finalized and scheduled once you have received an email confirmation.


  5. 5. If your substitution is in less than 24 hours, call the studio (050 3077688) in addition to sending an email.




Conduct of the class is the responsibility of Instructor.  If Instructor is unable to conduct a class, he or she may arrange to have a substitute teacher conduct the class. That teacher must be approved by Bay and have an existing Services Agreement with Bay. Failure to conduct the class or to have the class conducted by a substitute Instructor is a material default of the Services Agreement.

Bay maintains a list of teachers who have an Agreement and who are qualified to substitute for Instructor. If Instructor wishes to recommend a person to this list, they may have their recommended substitute contact Bay for screening and orientation.

As a service to Instructor, Bay has a Facebook Group, through which Instructor may request a substitute and notify other instructors that they are seeking a substitute. Bay approves all substitutions, based on the the appropriate qualifications of the substitute Instructor, but Bay will not unreasonably disapprove any qualified substitute. Bay retains the right to give priority or preference for one substitute Instructor over another.

Access a directory of teachers (link)

Subbing classes out too frequently or for too extended a period of time is grounds for Bay to replace instructor in question. Exceptions are made on an individual basis. Teacher’s who request time off for medical reasons or for professional development training maybe granted some time away with out losing their regular spot. Usually any more than 4-6 weeks in a year away is unacceptable. These terms are enforced entirely at the discretion of Bay.



We honor holidays off. There are certain days we don’t require subs for your cancelled classes. You must let us know one month prior to any given holiday if you don’t wish to teach on these days. 

Access the holiday list here.

Holidays are GREAT days to teach, as many students have holiday time off and are eager to practice. Anyone can teach these days during openings. Email Julia ( with interest in teaching on holidays or fun ideas for classes/workshops. We want to fill our calendar with special events and fun classes for students!